#dedoc° voices


#dedoc° believes in the value patient advocates bring to scientific congresses.

At ATTD and EASD, diabetes advocates participate in scientific symposia, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, exchange with HCPs, researchers and industry, learn about latest trends and developments and network amongst their peers. For many people living with diabetes, peers and patient advocates constitute the most trusted source of information: They turn to them for motivation, support and exchange, but also for information and news on diabetes treatment, research and technology. It is thus of vital importance that diabetes advocates, next to being experts in their own disease, have a solid understanding of the wider diabetes agenda. As they report back to their local, national and online communities they create value well beyond the event itself. 

However, with the interpretation of the regulatory framework having become increasingly strict, it is often difficult for diabetes advocates to gain access and funding to attend such congresses, and for industry to invite non-HCPs in a compliant way. This is why we have created #dedoc° voices. The #dedoc° voices program provides a framework for patient advocates to apply for access and funding, and creates opportunities for exchange and collaboration with peers, partners and friends. #dedoc° voices attend #docday° as well as an exclusive networking event with partners and join a powerful network of like-minded peers and #docday° alumni. They commit to participating in scientific sessions and industry symposia and to sharing their learnings with the community. 


#dedoc° voices for advocates

The #dedoc° voices program provides diabetes advocates with travel, accommodation and access to diabetes congresses, where they become part of a powerful network of like-minded peers. In return, #dedoc° voices commit to participating in scientific sessions and industry symposia, share their learnings with the community and collaborate with partners.

Travel and Accommodation

#dedoc° voices will be asked to arrange their own travel and accommodation. The #dedoc° voices program will reimburse expenses for economy flights and accommodation for the duration of the congress. 


#dedoc° voices receive free congress accreditation. In exchange, they include both the congress hashtag and hashtag #dedoc in their social media postings and may be asked to cross-publish some of their blogposts on the #dedoc° platform.


All #dedoc° voices will receive access to a closed Facebook group in order to coordinate travel and accommodation, discuss participation in partner sessions and symposia and stay in touch beyond the actual event. As this group grows over time, #dedoc° voices will be encouraged to support and mentor each other in true peer-to-peer spirit and engage in common advocacy initiatives.


Any diabetes advocate can apply to become a #dedoc° voice by answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to become a #dedoc° voice, and why should we fund you?

  • Which events, sessions and symposia would you like to attend, and why?

  • How will you report back to your community and pay it forward?

Please include contact details, social media handles and all other information you consider important for us to get to know you. Applications will be received on a rolling basis and reviewed by a group of experienced #dedoc° advocates and #docday° alumni in a spirit of fairness, transparency and equal access. Decisions will be based on individual profile, personal motivation, gender balance, regional distribution and other pre-defined criteria.

For regulatory reasons, participation in the #dedoc° voices program is only available to patient advocates from Europe, with the exclusion of HCPs, governmental officials, professional journalists and anyone having direct or indirect influence on drug access, pricing and reimbursement decisions. Spaces are limited.

Applications for ATTD Madrid should be sent to voices@dedoc.org

Deadline for applications is Friday, 7 February 2020!



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ATTD 2020 DOClab



#dedoc° voices for partners

Partners contribute to the #dedoc° voices program because they wish to enable patient advocates to attend a scientific congress and engage with them in a compliant way. They do so in the spirit of a non-exclusive multi-sponsorship approach to ensure the highest degree of independence, transparency and credibility of the patient voice. Partners benefit from increased visibility in the Diabetes Online Community, exclusive access to the #dedoc° voices network and dedicated support for own initiatives and outreach campaigns provided by Dedoc Labs.


Platinum Partner: Funds ten #dedoc° voices to attend the congress
Gold Partner: Funds five #dedoc° voices to attend the congress
Silver Partner: Funds two #dedoc° voices to attend the congress
Startup Partner: Funds one #dedoc° voice to attend the congress 

Partners may recommend diabetes advocates for the #dedoc° voices program, but applications must always be submitted in person and approval rests with the selection committee. A partner recommendation does not grant access to the #dedoc° voices program and does not constitute a direct link between a partner and a participant. It is not possible to fund a specific #dedoc° voice directly.

#docnight° and #docday°

#dedoc° voices and partners will receive free tickets for #docnight° and will be acknowledged at #docday°. Participation for #dedoc° voices is mandatory. Information about past #docday° events is available on www.dedoc.org/docday

#dedoc° voices networking event

Our exclusive networking event allows all partners to meet the #dedoc° voices in a dedicated session. Gold and Platinum partners have the unique opportunity to introduce themselves on stage, announce their congress highlights and activities to the full cohort of #dedoc° voices, discuss opportunities for collaboration and recruit participants for their own sessions, symposia and dedicated events.


Platinum partners will receive dedicated support before, during and after each conference to help them set up their own event for participants of the #dedoc° voices program and other members of the Diabetes Online Community. Dedoc Labs draws on years of experience in helping its partners co-create some of the most successful patient engagement programs targeting the Diabetes Online Community through engaging bloggers, social media influencers, key opinion leaders and diabetes advocates in more than 40 countries.

More information on partnership options, governance, DOClab support and other questions via email: mail@dedoc.org