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#dedoc° believes in the value patient advocates bring to scientific congresses.

This is why we have created the #dedoc° voices.


The #dedoc° voices scholarship program grants diabetes advocates free access to the world's most prestigious diabetes conferences and provides a dedicated platform for PwD, HCPs, researchers and industry leaders to meet and exchange: #docday°

#dedoc° voices commit to participating in scientific sessions and industry symposia and to sharing their learnings with the community. They join a powerful network of like-minded peers who mentor, coach and support their advocacy work, and they curate, translate and report on the latest scientific findings, technological advances and products in a way that is understood and appreciated by PwD around the world.

The #dedoc° voices scholarship was originally designed to cover travel and accommodation for diabetes advocates to attend ATTD, EASD and ISPAD in-person. With the current pandemic having forced conferences worldwide to go virtual, it was successfully transformed into a fully virtual program, allowing us to support more diabetes advocates than ever and reaching a much larger audience around the world.

Learn more about the virtual #dedoc° voices scholarship 2021
View our ATTD, EASD and ISPAD #docday° 2020 LiveStream


Visit virtual ATTD 2021 (3-6 June 2021) and become a #dedoc° voice

Deadline for applications to attend ATTD 2021 is Friday, 21 May 2021


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Key dates, ATTD 2021

28/05/2021, 17.00 h (Friday): #dedoc° voices warmup
31/05/2021, 17.00 h (Monday): #dedoc° voices networking
03/06/2021, 12.00 h (Thursday): ATTD #docday°
05/06/2021, 17.00 h (Saturday): ATTD #docnight°
All times CEST (Berlin time)

Any diabetes advocate can apply to become a #dedoc° voice by answering the following questions:

Who are you, and why do you want to become a #dedoc° voice?
Which sessions and symposia would you like to attend, and why?
How will you report back to your community and pay it forward?

Questions regarding the #dedoc° voices scholarship program may be sent to voices@dedoc.org

Applications are reviewed by a group of experienced #dedoc° advocates and #docday° alumni in a spirit of fairness, transparency and equal access. Decisions are based on individual profile, personal motivation, gender balance, regional distribution and other pre-defined criteria. #dedoc° strives to be inclusive and diverse, empower minorities, PoC, T2D and advocates from countries where access is a challenge, and bring these voices to the forefront of everything we do.



#dedoc° voices for partners

Partners contribute to the #dedoc° voices program because they wish to engage with leading diabetes advocates in a compliant way. They do so through a non-commercial, non-exclusive multi-sponsorship approach to ensure the highest degree of independence, transparency and credibility for the patient voice. Partners benefit from exclusive access to the #dedoc° voices network and increased visibility and reach in the Diabetes Online Community. 

For more information please get in touch. 

#dedoc° voices Partner 2021




The Blue Balloon Challenge is an initiative by #dedoc° and Medtronic.

Visit www.blueballoonchallenge.de/english to learn more.



#dedoc° voices Partner 2020


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