About #dedoc°

#dedoc° was founded in 2012 by Bastian Hauck, who created the Twitter hashtag #dedoc to host weekly TweetChats for the German chapter of the Diabetes Online Community. It acted as a catalyst to grow a small group of diabetes bloggers into one of Europe’s strongest patient advocacy and peer support communities.

Activities such as Blood Glucose Bingo, the Diaversary Project and the #dedoc° Open Blog reach thousands of PWD throughout Germany, while #docday°, the #dedoc° voices and our network of dedicated Facebook groups connect some of the most influential KOLs in the DOC across Europe and beyond.


#dedoc° organized its first-ever #docday° in 2015. What started as an improvised get-together in a small co-working café in Stockholm is today a dedicated platform for diabetes advocates at scientific conferences such as ATTD, EASD and ISPAD. Participants present their projects, initiatives and advocacy work in search for exchange, collaboration and awareness and receive valuable feedback and support.

#docday° follows an open door policy, with HCPs, researchers and industry welcome to attend as long as they refrain from marketing talk. This approach has grown it into an open forum for exchange between all stakeholders.

In 2020, #dedoc° launched the #dedoc° voices scholarship program.

Dedoc Labs GmbH

Dedoc Labs is the legal entity behind #dedoc° and covers its entire operating budget. It specializes in providing patient-centric, user-driven consultancy services in healthcare communication, strategy and policy. Its DOClab task forces empower diabetes advocates to collaborate with industry and research while helping its clients leverage the full potential of true patient engagement and co-creation.

Bastian Hauck

Bastian is a powerful patient voice and strategic business consultant with 10+ years of experience in building authentic, self-sustaining communities in advocacy, politics and healthcare. An economist and diplomat by training, Bastian serves on the board of diabetesDE, IDF Europe and Beyond Type 1 and acts as co-lead of OPEN Diabetes, a patient-led, EU funded consortium doing research on do-it-yourself artificial pancreas systems and the #WeAreNotWaiting movement.

As CEO of Dedoc Labs, Bastian strongly believes in the core principle of peer support and the Diabetes Online Community: Pay it forward.


Dedoc Labs GmbH
Stargarder Str. 19
10437 Berlin, Germany