#docday° has been promoted!

This year at ISPAD, our usual #docday° was part of the official conference program, reaching a much broader audience. We presented #dedoc° and the #dedoc° voices, shared the great news about our latest collaboration with The BMJ, and discussed issues that have always been central to #dedoc°, #docday° and the Patient Voice. 

The ISPAD #dedoc° symposium was live-streamed here and on Facebook Live - same as our usual #docdays°. 

Bastian Hauck, Founder of #dedoc°: Opening and Introductions 
Carine de Beaufort, President, ISPAD: Welcome to ISPAD
Emma Doble, Patient Editor, The BMJ: What Your Patient Is Thinking
Renza Scibilia, diabetes advocate, Australia: Language Matters
Stephanie Haack, diabetes advocate, Germany: Peer Support
Tinotenda Dzikiti, diabetes advocate, Zimbabwe: Access to Diabetes Care

Docday - ISPAD - 2021 from Joined on Vimeo.



If you missed EASD #docday°, watch the recording below!

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#docday° is a platform for others to stand on. 

#docday° is a virtual event for diabetes advocates from around the world who share their advocacy work with peers, HCPs, researchers and industry. What started as an improvised get-together of diabetes bloggers in a small co-working café in Stockholm has developed into a key feature of some of the world's most important diabetes conferences: ATTD, EASD and ISPAD

#docday° follows an open door policy. 

Industry employees are welcome to attend, listen in, connect and support as long as they make their affiliation visible and refrain from marketing talk. Partners wishing to actively contribute are invited to support the #dedoc° voices scholarship program.

#docday° has no agenda - YOU are the agenda!

If you are a diabetes advocate and would like to present at #docday°, drop us an email! We'd love to hear from you - and so do thousands of others in the Diabetes Online Community. If you would llike to watch the recordings of one of our last #docdays°, visit our YouTube channel!


#docday° history

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