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Join us for #docday° !

Thursday, 3 June 2021
12:00 - 14:00h CEST (Berlin)

#dedoc° has been organizing #docday° since 2015. What started as an improvised get-together of diabetes bloggers in a small co-working café in Stockholm has developed into what is today the best (and most fun!) place for diabetes advocates, patient representatives and other KOLs from the DOC to meet and mingle and to exchange, network and collaborate with HCPs, researchers and industry alike. But don't take our word for it - watch the video!

Diabetes advocates are invited to use #docday° as their dedicated platform to share ideas, projects and advocacy work with fellow peers from the Diabetes Online Community. With ATTD having gone fully virtual, virtual #docday° will allow you to participate regardless of your physical location! Take this unique opportunity to get the word out: If you would like to present at #docday°, get in touch and we will make it possible! Just drop us an email!

#docday° has no agenda - YOU are the agenda! 


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We are proud to be joined by Professor Tadej Battelino, ATTD Chairperson, who will officially welcome the #dedoc° voices. 

Our Community Partner DCB will present the DCB Innovation Challenge 2021: www.dcb-innovation-challenge.com

Our Platinum Partner Medtronic will present the Blue Balloon Challenge - a joined initiative by #dedoc° and Medtronic. 
To learn more, please visit www.blueballoonchallenge.de/english




ATTD #docday° will be broadcast via Facebook Live, reaching HCPs, researchers, industry partners and the general public.
We look forward to seeing you at ATTD #docday° 2021 ! 



#docday° follows an open door policy. 
Industry employees are welcome to attend, listen in, connect and support as long as they make their affiliation visible and refrain from marketing talk.
Partners wishing to present at #docday° are invited to join and support the #dedoc° voices program.


#docday° history

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2017 EASD #docday° Lisbon
2016 EASD #docday° Munich
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