virtual docnight ATTD 2022, Thursday 5 May, 19:00 h CEST www.dedoc.org/docnight
#docnight° is the virtual #docday° after party. Join us on Thursday, 5 May, at 19:00 CEST (Berlin)! 
(Try this tool to convert time zones.)

Join the Facebook event here & invite your diabuddies!

Meet the #dedoc° voices and other diabetes advocates you may so far only know by their social media handle. 
Enjoy open conversations, hang out with friends and make new ones. 
Talk to our partners - the people, not the company (there will be no presentations - promise). 

Share the word and bring your friends - #docnight° is open to anyone. 
Let us celebrate the #DOC in times of physical distancing. 

Find us here: www.kumospace.com/docnight
We're looking forward to seeing you!


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